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  • Group size: 2-10
  • Tour Type: trekking/hiking/historical

Classic Inca Trail 4 days


PiscoShower Inca trail 4D/3N to Machupicchu

This new and unique itinerary allows you to see Machupicchu twice, one in the afternoon for sunset which personally for me in my expertise as a guide for 5 years on hiking has the best enviroment and color, and the other in the morning for the sunrise, in addition this itinerary gives you the chance to have a shower and avoid the last extremely very early wake up on the classic Inca Trail and rest very well on a bed in a hotel.

  • Trek Type: trekking/hiking, landscape, experiential, adventurous, cultural, and historical
  • Good for: those in moderate shape or better
  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Considerations: In order to give you the best itinerary and experience on this trek our program it is completely different from the other companies
  • Season: From March 1st to January 31th

Unique Inca trail 4D/3N to Machupicchu

Day 1. Cusco-Km 82-Hatunchaca-Ayapata

We pick you up at 4:30 am from your hotels to drive from Cusco to Piscacucho or the Km 82 which is the beginning of the trail, upon to our arrival our expert chef will cook a delicious breakfast, while you get ready for your first day of hiking, right after breakfast we start hiking for 3 hours to Llactapata on a slow and steady pace through a path without that much incline and full of many incredible useful and psycodelic plants, awesome views and nice clay and mud houses, once at Llactapata which is such a pretty Incan place, right after the pictures we have a lesson about the place and the Incan empire; after our experience we continue hiking 30 minutes in order to reach our lunch spot, lunch will be an exquisite buffet prepared by our expert Inca´s path chef, right after our meal and digest time we keep hiking 3 more hours in order to reach our first campsite, along the way we enjoy observing surreal rocky and colorful scenes decorated by the impressive Veronica snowcapped mountain. Upon arrival to our campsite our tent and duffle will be already pitched, we give you warm water in buckets to you wash up, change into some clean clothes, rest and get ready for happy hour with hot chocolate, coffee, popcorn and finally our yummy dinner.

  • ** Perfect itinerary to have plenty of time to hike in a slow and steady pace, take pictures and to be pleased by the Andes and its scenes avoiding the bunch of people
  • ** Hike in a moderate pace, connecting with the colors and sounds of the path and mother earth

Day 2. Ayapata-dead woma´s pass-Pacaymayu-Chaquicocha

We come to your tents at 4:30 am with a hot coca tea to wake you up, after 2 minutes we bring you warm water in buckets to you wash up the face and  pack your essentials, then have breakfast and start hiking on stone steps in a slow and steady pace for 4 hours to  the dead woman’s pass observing in the first half a special microclimate of the andes known as “the tiny forest of the highlands” which will make you feel to be in the amazon for a bit besides of incredible endemic hummingbirds of the area, in the second half of the way up to the highest point we will be surrounded by the punt Andean grass and beautiful sharp mountains, once at dead woman’s pass we take pictures and celebrate our goal giving thanks to Pachamama and Apus performing an Andean ritual to show respect, right after this ritual and pictures we hike 2 hours down on steps to our lunch spot, along the way we enjoy a fantastic Andean scenery decorated by a 50 meters waterfall. After lunch and digest time we hike 2 hours up to the second pass, along the way we can see dear, spectacled bear and a small pretty Incan place, upon arrival to the second pass we are able to see by first time the outskirts of the amazon forest decorated on the left by the Vilcabamba snowcapped mountain range and on the right the Vilcanota snowcapped mountain range, then we continue hiking 2 more hours down to our third campsite getting little by little into the cloud forest, along the way we see one more Incan site which has one of the most outstanding sunsets of the trail, upon arrival to our campsite our tent and duffle will be already pitched, we give you warm water in buckets to you wash up, change into some clean clothes, rest and get ready for happy hour with chocolate, coffee, popcorn and dinner.

Day 3. Chaquicoca-Wiñaywayna-Aguas Calientes

We come to your tents at 5:00 am with a hot coca tea to wake you up, after 2 minutes we bring you warm water in buckets to you wash up the face and  pack your essentials, then have breakfast and start hiking 1 hour and 30 minutes to puyupatamarca, the third and last pass, along the way we may see many types of ferns, moss, orquids and an amazing panorama of the cloud forest with Salcantay glacier (20 000 ft) as the guard, Vilcabamba snowcapped mountain range, all together making a so magical view. Once at puyupatamarca we can see Machupicchu mountain, and the impressive and surreal landscape of the vast amazonian Andes, on the pass we will take our team picture with our porters, chef and guides, right after the pictures we hike 10 minutes down to match the first Incan site of the day, we stop in such a wonderful place to have a lesson about it, then we continue hiking 2 hours to Intipata a huge farming spot of the incas , this hike will be into the cloud forest which has for us great birds such as the cock of the rock (Peru’s national bird) the Andean motmot , Chachalacas, the great Andean toucan, the blue faced masked trogon, tanagers, etc.

Upon our arrival to Intipata we will have personally for me one of best views of the whole Inca trail, we give you right here plenty of time to you connect with nature and be pleased by the Andean amazonian scenes, after this awesome view we hike 30 more minutes to wiñaywayna incan site, then we have our fantastic buffet lunch, let´s have a digest time to then continue hiking 1 more hour and 30 minutes to the sungate to see Machupicchu by first time take pictures, be pleased by the view and  then we hike 45 more minutes right to the lookouts at Machupicchu, let´s have plenty of time to take pictures, and connect with this masterpiece of my ancestors, in the afternoon we catch our bus to go down for 30 minutes to Aguas Calientes. Right here your guide will accommodate you in your hotel, then have a dinner and plan everything for next day. 

Day 4. Aguas Calientes- Machupicchu- Cusco 

In order to get well rested and have plenty of time to enjoy the views, pictures and lessons at Machupicchu we suggest you to wake up by 5:00 am in the morning get ready, pack the essentials and take the bus up from the town to get by 6:30 to 6:45 am at Machupicchu.

Your guide will give enough time to take pictures into the most beautiful spots of the Incan city, share lessons about such an amazing Incan masterpiece and display you the most impressive details of the citadel; then you take the bus back at more or less 12:00 pm down to Aguas Calientes to enjoy without rush your lunch (not included) and take your train back at 14:55 pm or 15:20 pm back to Ollantaytambo and then take a car back to the door of your hotel.

** Our service is from door to door 

** this new and unique itinerary allows you to see Machupicchu twice, one in the afternoon for sunset and the other in the morning for the sunrise, in addition this itinerary gives you the chance to have a shower and rest very well in a hotel to explore Machupicchu full of energies. 


Professional english speaker Guides: all our super leaders grewp up in cusco region and studied tourism for five years at cusco’s university, they are friendly, funny charming, knowledgeable, professional and will care your safety into our treks

Permits: As soon as we get your details and deposit, we will purchase your permits.

Briefing :The night before your trek departs, you will come to our office for your briefing. You will recieve your duffel bag that will stay with our porters, while you hike. This duffel bag should not exceed 7kg/14 lbs and does need to include your sleeping bag and air mattress.

Porters: We include a personal porter, who is responsible for carrying your duffel bag. There is no additional cost for this. You will not have access to your duffel bag until our evening basecamp.

Transportation: we going to have transportation included in this trek. You will be picked up directly from your hotel around 4:30 a.m. and be driven to the beginning of our trek, Upis Bajo (3,900 meters).

Equipment: Incas path has the best equipment. We use Eureka Timberline 4 tents that are shared by only two people. You will have a large dining tent to enjoy your meals in.

Food: Our expert hiking chefs cook delicious meals that many previous trekkers have loved. We honor all food restrictions, so be sure to add any that you have on your booking form and let your guide know at your briefing. Food is typically all served as buffet. We will enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day, tea time and snacks. A snack will be provided each morning for you to enjoy through the hike. Your last meal with your expert chef will be after lunch on day four.

Water: starting from your first lunch until your last breakfast, Incas path will supply ad much water as needed. The water we provide is boiled, filtered, and then cooled before distributing. You must bring your water bottles or camelback. We recommend carrying about 3 Liters worth a day. You will be able to refill your water at each meal.

First Aid: Every Incas Path guide has got training in first aid from a clinic and firemen. We elaborate mandatory training sessions every February, which every single Incas Path tour leader must attend. Your tour leader is going to have always a first-aid kit for basic medical problems (traveler’s diarrhea, cuts, scrapes,cramp etc.) and oxygen.

Extras: We thing it´s the care to small details that separates us from other trek companies. Every trekker receives a small pillow to sleep with, a foam mattress for insulation, and a rain poncho. We going to work hard to create your best holiday.

Rentals: Every trekker needs a sleeping bag when camping. Inflatable air mattresses and trekking poles (with rubber tips) are optional but necesary. If you don’t want to bring any of the above, they are all available for rent:

Sleeping Bag: $35

Inflatable Air Mattress: $30

Trekking poles Sticks (Pair): $30

Huayna Picchu is the mountain that stands next to Machu Picchu. It is a 1 hour hike to the top. While this hike is on your own, your guide will show you where this hike begins. There is an additional entrance ticket that we can secure for you with advance. The ticket is $75 per person.

Machu Picchu is the other mountain that stands above the Machu Picchu site. It offers also spectacular views this extra hike takes 3 hours round trip. You can book this with an additional entrance ticket that we can secure for you. This ticket is $75 per person.

Vistadome Train All our treks include the Expedition (tourist class) Train class. This train is usually booked at 3:20 or 4:22 pm. Departing from Aguas Calientes. There is also the vistadome train class, which is an upgraded train that offers slightly larger seats, windows, some entertainment and snack. Usually, the Vistadome train is booked for 4:43 p.m. and goes to Poroy, a train station 30 minutes close to Cusco. As this is an upgraded fee, we will still include your transportation back to your hotel. The ticket is $75 per person.

Passport Valid,

STUDENT CARD (if you booked as a student)

Immigration Card (given on the plane as you enter Peru)

Good daypack (the smaller, the better)

Water storage: Water reservoir like Camelbaks are encouraged – but enough for at least 2-3 liters.

Comfortable hiking boots (lightweight with good soles)

For Your Duffel: Our porters will carry up to 7 kg of your personal items. This must include your sleeping bag and air matt (if you bring/rent one). From us these two items weigh 3.5 kg.

4-5 wicking t-shirts

1-2 hiking pants

4 sets of undergarments.

4 sets of hiking socks

1 Fleece 1 Warm,

down jacket: gets very cold at night

1 Rain jacket and pants

1 sun hat

1 wool hat

Headlamp: essential

Waterproof gloves (even if they are ski gloves, take them)

Comfortable shoes for camp

Hiking boots

Quickdry towel. We provide small ones, you might enjoy something a little larger.

Battery Charger: There is no place to plug in while trekking!

Large plastic bags: to help organize and keep clean from dirty.

Sleeping bag: Recommend down bags for -10C at least




Face moisturizer

 Bug spray


 Wet wipes

Toothbrush and paste


Personal medication

First aid kit: band aids, moleskin, etc.

Inside Your Daypacks:

Daypacks can be any size for hiking, but we always recommend the smaller, the better. Inside Machu Picchu, no bag larger than 25 litters will be allowed in. If larger, you will need to store outside in the Machupicchu check point. Some items are listed above and can be a personal choice if you want in daypack or duffel.


Rain gear



Music (IPhone)


Toilet paper and small plastic bag for waste

Extra Money for Souvenirs, Drinks & Tips