About us Incas Path

Incas Path is a truly 100 % peruvian company that provides unique itineraries and lifetime experiences. One of our main goals is to do sustainable tourism; supporting the local community with fair wage Jobs, to be the only and leader organisation helping kids to achieve their dreams through education, art and sports, and of course protect our home, “our planet”. 

Incas Path is based in Cusco, it was founded by Eric Churata in 2016. Me Erick have worked as a tour leader in all hikes and tours in Peru since l was 18 years old, now through Incas Path l want to achieve one of my largest dreams: to make our world a better and fair place for anyone, working tirelessly to meet our goals set out in favor of society and the planet 

Why did l start the company?

To make our world a better and fair place for anyone, working tirelessly to meet our goals set out in favor of society and the planet 

Why should I travel with Incas Path?

It is to help the local economy due Incas Path is a truly 100 % peruvian company, with unique itiniraries created with years of experience on the field, the best technical and profesional crew of chefs, porters and tour leaders in addition of a huge commitment to protect the planet and be fair with our team of workers.


Our Porters

Our porters are the backbone of our company and on this understanding we care them as best as posible. Due to the good treatment we give our porters, they work hard and passionately for our clients. always smiling and attentive to any need you have.

Our Guides

Our expert crew of trek leaders are all local to the Cusco area, they speak fluent Spanish and English, and almost all of them also speak Qechua (the native language of Peru). All our trek leaders have a university degree in tourism, and a minimum of three years experience under their belt. They are full of energy,fun, caring and extremely knowledgeable about the native flora and fauna, Incan sites, culture and history, and are always ready to share the stories and legends of the Andean people.

Our Chefs

The work of our chefs is essential and basic, to achieve the success of the hikes; under their responsibility, it is not only to keep the hiker well hydrated and fed, but also to offer a well prepared and balanced diet, to replenish and maintain energy.

Office Staff

Our office staff are the planners of the whole operation. From the first moment you contact us to the moment you leave for your journey, We will organise everything down to the finest detail, so that your journey goes off without a hitch. Incas Path keep their office team always well relaxed and motivated to give our custumer their best.


  • Provide well organized and memorable tours 
  • Share our country by inside to our clients
  • keep a 100 % local porters, chefs and guides
  • Protect and care the planet through recycle, reforesting, free pesticides products and more ways
  • Help kids to achieve their dreams through education, art and sports
  • Create truly fair salary Job for all our workers


Our visión is to organized well designed , high quality treks and tours in Peru with the help of the best thecnical and profesional team of tour leaders, chefs, porters, etc. At the same time help kids of remote areas in the highlands through the education, art and sports;  pay fair salary for all our workers and protect our planet.


  • Punctuality: in this case reference is made to this value to require employees to respect the arrival and departure times, but especially to customers, for examples when responding to travel questions and confirmation of the purchased services.
  • Quality: in this case it is intended that the products or services offered are of excellence.
  • Consequence: refers to the coherence that employers must have towards their workers, such as the company with customers. In case there are commitments they must be fulfilled.
  • Justice: this concept has a greater orientation for our workers. Reference is made to grant each one what he deserves, not only from the salary point of view but also as regards the activities that each one will have to perform.
  • Communication: as long as communication is taken as a fundamental value, it is intended that the relations and connections within the members of the company and with the clients be fluid and sincere.
  • Responsibility: it has several orientations. For example, if workers are referred to, the company is committed to stability and good working conditions. As for customers, the company is committed to delivering quality goods and services. Something that is also very important today is the commitment to the environment. For this it is necessary to comply with the laws and even exceed them to continue with their preservation.
  • Originality: refers to innovations, changes and creations both in goods and services, in labor methodologies and strategies.
  • Security: This trial is aimed at generating a bond of trust, which customers believe will be satisfied in their needs and desires.
  • Freedom: in this case it is intended that both employees and customers can express themselves with total security in case they have different beliefs or opinions, provided they are presented with respect and cordiality.
  • Teamwork: from this one the integration of each one of the members of the company to the work group is tried, so that better results are promoted thanks to a positive environment. For this, the participation of the different members of the company in various fields is essential.
  • Honesty: oriented both for the members of the company with each other, as with customers. The truth is promoted as an elementary tool to build trust and credibility of the company.