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Welcome to Incas Path

We are a tourism company founded and leaded by people that known amply the tourism sector and the trekking segment.
This experience allows us to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience.


As CEO and founder of Inca`s Path Inversiones. I am a person that loves the adventure and nature.
I have spent the last years of my life trekking the most amazings paths of Cusco, Peru and Southamerica. The main purpose , is not to sell packages and programs but rather it is to sell, an illusion, an experience of a lifetime to make real your dream to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


I am a person who has studied and worked hard in tourism sector. I started working in the sales area, selling touristic packages and programs for around one year. Posteriorly I continue developing my skills in areas such as reserves and operations in trekkings. Finally I worked as tour leader in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages. Finally I decided to create Inca`s Path during a excursion on Inca Trail while I was leading a Brazilian group toward Machupicchu. It was the second day of trekking and after had dinner with my tourists I decided to walk around. There sitting under a starry sky I realized that I had worked in all tourism areas which gave me the confidence to start selling experiences and illusions.